Pattern Sewing PLK-E Series

PLK series is computer programmable automatic pattern sewing machine.
Lanxee could help you with different applications sewing in this model which could improve the quality of multi-direction sewing and allows you to creat, modify, also personalize your own sewing design with special work clamp.
Meanwhile, PLK series is with colorful LED touch operation panel equipped as standard, easy and friendly to use and offering a great autonomy.

Speed 2,500rpm
Stitch Range 0 to 12.7mm
Stepping Foot Lift 20mm
Work Clamp Height 30mm
Standard Needle DY x 17 140#-250#
Rotating Hook KHS20-RMP
Model 2010 (200mm x 100mm); Model 2516 (250mm x 160mm)
Pattern Area Model 3020 (300mm x 200mm); Model 4030 (400mm x 300mm)
Model 5030 (500mm x 300mm); Model 6030 (600mm x 300mm)

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