Pattern Sewing HCP Series

HCP series is extra heavy duty computer programmable automatic pattern sewing machine.
This model is specialied for sewing heavy weight materials like heavy weight ropes, safety belts, slings, leather, canvas with specially designed work clamp.
HCP Series includes 999 program storage for different pattern or set your own pattern with CAD designing software.

Speed 800rpm
Stitch Range 0-10mm
Stepping Foot Lift 18mm
Work Clamp Height 22mm
Standard Needle DY x 3 160#-250#
Rotating Hook KSP-204N
Program Storage 999
Pattern Area Model 1202 (120mm x 20mm); Model 1306 (130mm x 60mm)
Model 3020 (300mm x 200mm); Model 5020 (500mm x 200mm)

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