Bag Closing System DS-9C+A1-PB+CP4900+GK-SB

DS-9C Bag closing machine head with A1-PB pedestal, CP4900 belt type bag folding device, and GK-SB belt conveyor, automatic start/stop and pneumatic crepe tape cutter. It is the highest speed bag closing system.
Machine could provide both plain stitch closing and crepe-tape closing.
System with high safety standard designed. It could be movable and sewing height adjustable for different size of filled bags.

Capacity 500-800bags/hour
Sewing Head Height 720-1,220mm from Floor to Needle
Drive Motor 0.37kw/0.75kw, 4P, 3PH Break Motor
Controlling System Relay
Start/Stop Photoelectric
Sewing Head DS-9C
Cutting System Pneumatic Guillotine Cutting System
Thread Polyester 20/6, 20/9 (2×3, 3×3)
Feed-in Device CP4900

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