ALTRASONIC sewing Machine 60S/60D

Ultrasonic 60 seaming machine for PP woven bag open top fold weld and bag liner seaming with bag body. 
Special designed for bag industries which equipped with a new generation intellectual ultrasonic generator, 20 KHz ultrasonic transducer unit, bottom horn fixed suspension structure and single/double motor variable speed system.
Built-in multi-circuit ultrasonic protection system and microchip guarantee the most safety and stead running. 3 adjustable gears (maximum, medium and minimum), meets the welding requirements of different materials and thickness.
Four times faster than sewing machines, thread-less seaming. Automatic frequency tracking system and ultrasonic soft-starting technology.
Special designed most suitable roller patterns for PP woven welding, other roller designs available according to customer requirements.
60S Single motor model; 60D Double motor model.

Speed Up to 20 m/min
Power 1,800 to 2,500 W
Frequency 20 KHz
Roller Size Width: 0-60 mm
Diameter: 50-60 mm

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